Monday, October 17, 2011

We'll keep a-rockin'

So, we're bad.

We haven't written in literally forever, and we apologize. So is the life of a coupl'a college students. We've realized that our semester really isn't that interesting, so we'll talk about cooler things.

We's a rockin band. Daniel and I enjoy playing music together, and lets just face it, we're talented.

We're playing this show at the So Ho Smart Bar in Pocatello, ID.

Here's a couple of shots from Mavis' gig at Sammy's! I got to play because their bassist was out of town. Lucky me! (Daniel says lucky Mavis) We love singing together and harmonizing.

Today after church, I got to get out my violin and he played some duets with me on his guitar. It was the first time we've ever done that sort of thing, and let me just say, it was super fun. He's incredible. Not only could he play a song to save his life, he could play several songs to save his life!

We want to keep music running strong in our family, whether it be piano, violin or the bagpipes. We have big ambitions for this future home we're making, and we sure are excited!

Life is good. Peace --

The Watkins

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