Monday, February 13, 2012

Sometimes, you just have to make funny faces...

A few weeks have gone by, and life is still good! But let's just admit it: life is always good when you're married to your best friend!

Daniel and I are still neck-deep in homework and deadlines this semester -- it never seems to stop. Daniel is working so hard in all his difficult-sounding math classes. On the bright side, we have a class together, which is super fun, and we always have time for date nights. We always make time for at least a little fun - that's the key.

Like, sometimes we just sit in front of my computer and make funny faces!

This month, we have big aspirations for our physical fitness. We're both participating in this program our school puts on called the Lazy Man Iron Man. Basically, its where we have a month to do an Ironman triathlon spread out throughout. So, 26.2 miles to run, 115 miles to bike, and 2.5 miles to swim. It is so much fun. We're really enjoying the new variety in our workouts! We also on a whim ran the Valentine's day 5k, in which we WON (within our heat...) which is awesome. Not to brag, but it's the first time I've ever won anything! Very cool.

Daniel also had a birthday!! So I made him French toast. No pictures from his birthday, sadly, but it was a super fun day! The present I got him has yet to come in the mail - I got him an Iron and Wine CD called Shepherd's Dog, which he's excited to listen to. I had originally planning on surprising him that night with rock climbing, but the rock climbing place turned out to be ghetto and expensive, so instead we spent a few hours in this awesome bookstore in Idaho Falls, which was way fun. Daniel got a few books - King Lear, Richard III, and Pygmalion along with 3 other plays George Bernard Shaw. He is very excited.

So we started reading King Lear together. I would really recommend reading fun books together as a couple. Its really fun to discuss a good book without having to do it for a class or anything. Plus, Daniel understands Shakespeare while Shakespeare just confuses me, so it will help me to understand this beautiful tragedy.

So anyway, after we went to this bookstore, we went to Sheri's in Idaho Falls for some tasty food, and it was so nice. In high school, my friends and I would go to the one in Corvallis OR pretty often and eat waffles, pies, shakes, fries, anything! So going there was very nostalgic. Daniel really enjoyed it too. Then we went back home, played some music together, and watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Classic.

On Sunday night, after all or our church meetings, we went to Daniel's parents' house to celebrate his birthday. His fabulous mother made the means to make an incredible salad for dinner, and baklava for dessert! That was a super fun treat. He got the Reader's Edition of the Book of Mormon, and we read out of it for the first time that night. It was great! After that, we played Uno with his whole family, then had to head home for homework. It was a great night though, and Daniel sure loved it.

I'll end with where I began -- life is good. Life is better than good.

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