Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer time, and the livin' is ... different

We've transitioned from one kind of busy to another. Suzanne got an internship a mere twenty minutes away at an assisted living center—a huge blessing, because internships in our area are really hard to come by. In addition, we were blessed to find one that allowed her to start early enough to finish before we need to leave for my internship at Los Alamos National Laboratory. I'm super excited about this—my dream job is working at a research lab like this. And it's just exciting for us to go live in a new city for a few months!

The downside of Suzanne working her internship (which pales in comparison to the fact that getting an internship is a graduation requirement) is we only get to see each other a few hours a day. That is not fun. But, money is money and having an apartment requires income. A big step that I'm taking today though is turning in my two week's notice at work. I'm quitting my job as a pizza delivery driver because I am tired of not being home most evenings, and never knowing when I'll get off work. As of late, I've gotten off work two hours after my shift was supposed to end more often than not. I think that gathering good experiences, especially as a couple, is most important. We will have enough money from what I earn during the internship to last more than through the summer, and I should be able to work on campus this fall. I think the time I gain to spend with family and develop friendships will be worth more than the money I would have made at work. It will be sad to not see my work friends as often though. An article I read talks about ways to find happiness, and I think that this change in life will help.

Speaking of happiness: we just got Suzanne a new mountain bike! It's a Trek, which we got from the Sticks and Stones Bike Shop for $424. We're looking forward to hitting the trails!

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