Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer lovin', having a blast!

Life in Los Alamos has been fabulous.

It is such a beautiful town with so many nice people! Daniel had a friend who described the people like this: all of the awkward scientists married outgoing wives who love to get everyone together. To my knowledge, this is fairly accurate!

Daniel is learning a lot at his internship. He is finding out how much programming is involved in a career in mathematics, and since he's only taken one programming class, it's a little challenging for him. But you know Daniel - he is always up for a challenge. He doesn't like doing things unless it's a challenge, it seems like. He is so great. We only have three more weeks here, which is really sad, but his internship mentor said there is a good possibility of welcoming him back next summer! That would be great. We will see!

While Daniel is saving the world and doing his dream job, I'm keeping busy. I'm surprised how much I can find to do in a day! I clean, go grocery shopping, run little errands, read, volunteer at the hospital, and sew. I've gotten some good progress on my quilt, thanks to my awesome mother-in-law. She lent me The Quilting Bible, which has been a great help! I'm planning on doing a lot of the sewing for it tomorrow - it's scary designing a quilt!

Daniel and I recently started applying to grad schools! Daniel is doing a lot of research into the schools he wants to apply for. I pretty much know the schools that I want to go - there aren't as many schools that offer a masters in dietetics as there are doctorates for math. At least that what it feels like.

On weekends, we like to see things. You know, like family!
Here are some of the Mowrer's, who live near Albuquerque - that's Allie, Hannah, and Paige. All awesome people (as well as those not photographed)! We are really enjoying getting to know them better!

We like to go to Santa Fe too! It's a really cool town. I'm standing in front of a catholic church, and the tree has tons of crucifixes on it. We thought it looked cool.

This is another fun looking church in Santa Fe.

We saw this donkey, and Daniel didn't really want to pose in front of it, but he obliged because he loves me. For some reason, I feel the need to take a picture of every large animal statue I see. Cite all my pictures from Seattle and Berlin.

So there's proof - we are loving it here! While it will be sad to go back to Rexburg, it will also be kind of nice. We have adventures waiting for us back home - backpacking, our marathon, and fall semester, oh my! Life is good, as usual.

Peace, from the Watkins'!

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Anastasia said...

WATKINSSSSS! I miss you both so much. Come back to us!! :)